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    Wearing the hakui walking

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    Wearing the hakui walking Empty Wearing the hakui walking

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:06 am

    Originally posted by several members in September 2017.


    « Thread started on: Sep 13th, 2017, 4:07pm »
    Hi - I'm intending to buy a hakui and wear it during my walk (starting Oct. 5) but wonder if the thing is actually comfortable when worn with a pack and walking all day long. I've done a lot of walking and hiking over the years and am pretty set re: clothing choice. I know what I want to wear. Going by many of the photos I've seen it certainly looks as though people genuinely wear hakui on the trail. Are they reasonably comfy for walking with a pack? Hot? Do they get in the way?

    I wonder if one of the short sleeved ones are better...

    Thanks - Andrew



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    They are basically loosish(depending on your and hakui's size. I'm overweight with extra wide belly so even the biggest is slightly open on the front though maybe intentional and you can't really tighten it up shut) "t-shirt". Didn't feel that hot to me nor did they get really in the way. Think I had long sleeved one that extended slightly further than my elbows.



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    A similar question
    Is everyone wearing a hakui or are there many people ( non Japanese ? ) who aren't ?



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    on Sep 14th, 2017, 08:44am, pogo wrote:
    A similar question
    Is everyone wearing a hakui or are there many people ( non Japanese ? ) who aren't ?

    Don't think I saw anybody without it. It's so traditional that even those who don't carry staff or hat have one. Also for foreigners it's extra useful as it seems to make talking with locals easier.

    Of course if they didn't wear one me neither would know them to be pilgrim! Could have seen pilgrim without one but outside temple would be just random stranger.

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    Take it as a friendly hint, wear it!
    It will make you clearly recognizeable as a henro, and even a friendly smile along the walk will ease your effort.

    I choose not to wear it (we did our Henro on our bike) since we thought it would be not comfortable while biking, until we got two as osettai. Until then we were just two gaijin on two bikes who had to declare themselves as henroes, after we really felt the difference.



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    All good tips and advice, thank you. I'll get one and wear it for sure. I see they make a short sleeved on too, which might be a bit more comfy. Thank you!



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    I'm currently walking and it makes a bog difference . people recognize me as Henro straight away and stop to talk/ help with directions etc. I even had a man drive ahead of me slowly to direct me to the nearest temple (even though I could read the arrows clearly). He was happy when I made it safely and even happier when I gave him a name slip then pointed out a place to camp smiley. So yes wear it (mine is short sleeved)

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