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    Shikoku Henro Trail

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    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:47 am

    Originally posted by several members between 2012 and 2017.

    Shikoku Henro Trail

    « Thread started on: Jan 3rd, 2012, 7:35pm »
    You will find recommendations, here in this board. Just to be clear, you can also find some on the web site because that is where I put them if they are email'ed to me.




    « Reply #1 on: Jan 4th, 2012, 7:12pm »
    Well, here are the places I would stay again and would recommend to a friend. Some of them were recommended by hosts and veteran henros. The list shows: name, page on the guide book, location, price (yens) and a brief comment.

    1) BH Access - pg 4 . before T11. $6,000. New, very convenient, close to supermarket & combini (convenience store)

    2) Sudati-kan - not in the guide book. after getting down from T12. $3,000 including obento for the day. ph. 088-677-1180. very simple but very friendly family. alternative to Nabeiwaso which required booking 2 days in advance.

    3) R. Hana - pg5 - next to T13. $6,800. has beds(!), hosts are very helpful.

    4) Shukubo of T19 - $6,000. excellent shukubo.

    5) Lodge Ozaki - pg 15-b - before T24. $6,500. Small but very kind couple of hosts.

    6) R. Sango - pg.16. Central Nahari, after T26. $7,350. Room is average but food is excellent.

    7) H. Tamai - pg.18, Central Aki after T27. $6,300. excellent room.

    8)R. Marukome - pg.20, 2km before T28. $6,500. room with private washroom.

    9) I heard from other henros that there's a new good ryokan close to T28: Yuan - not in the guide book. ph. 088-756-4408.

    10) H. Well Sumpia - pg 22 - after T30. $4,500. This is an expensive hotel but has a special rate for pilgrims plus a bottle of water as osetai.

    11) Kochi-ya - pg 23 - in front of T33. $6,500. excellent rooms.

    12) M. Nazuna - not in the guide. After T36. $ 6,800. Ph. 0508-806-7700/0802-998-2013. I was advised to head to T37 returning back the same way I went, cross again the Usa-ohashi bridge (pg. 26), turn lleft to Uranouchi wan bay. Nazuna is a very good minshuku located around 3km after the bridge.

    13) Kobushi-no-Sato (former Saga Onsen) - not in the guide. aroud 10km after T37, pg.29-a, somewhere between the gas station & the washroom, on road 56. $6,500. Ph. 0880-55-7011. Hot spring. new. good restaurant.

    14) M. Ansyuku - pg. 31, on the way to T38. $6,000. simple but owner very helpful, gives nice hints.

    15) R. Hatto - pg.32, 1km after T38. $6,500. If you like sashimi (not my case), this is the place!

    I hope to be able to go back to Shikoku in October and resume the walk from T39 to T88. Then, I'll post more...



    « Reply #2 on: Jul 4th, 2012, 10:35pm »
    Smile HI !
    My wife & I are also heading back in October to finnish the walk we started last year . cheesy



    « Reply #3 on: Nov 5th, 2012, 7:21pm »
    For anyone walking for the first time I heartily recommend the "Oshikoku" at temple #1. You won't find it in any guide. It is located on the same street as Awa Minshuku but on the opposite side and closer to the temple. You will see some small signs on the wall in front. Hiro-San only charges 2000 yen for a dormitory style with no meals. But! Hiro speaks English and not only will he give the best lecture about what you are about to embark on, he also drove us to a store to pick up things like reflective tape, safety pins and other things he may recommend for safety and convenience. After that he drove us to a market and we bought sushi for dinner and rolls for breakfast.
    Hiro made the experience so much better than just getting off the train at Bando and start walking. He is genuinely concerned about your pilgrimage and prepares you for things that only experience teaches.
    I feel very fortunate to have stayed there my first night.
    Steve W.



    « Reply #4 on: Jan 6th, 2014, 11:11am »
    Dear willsr,

    Could you tell me the adress but above telephone nr of Oshikoku?! I get enthousiastic ofyour story and really like to start my trip close to the temple, staying there for two nights and getting into the moodsmiley



    « Reply #5 on: Jan 7th, 2014, 12:01am »
    The Oshikoku's web site: http://www.0459gh.com/english/
    You can email Hiro from there.
    To get there, Follow the green line from the Bando train station to Temple #1. As you walk up the street, just before you get to the intersection in front of temple on the left side is a house set back a bit. You should see a small sign on the brick wall. There will be a phone number to call if Hiro is not home. Good luck!



    « Reply #6 on: Mar 21st, 2017, 02:50am »
    Just stayed at Yuan near T28 last night and can confirm that it's a fantastic lace to stay. It is small but the hosts are very warm and enthusiastic. The owner knows some basic English words, too (very very basic, though). The food was probably the best I've had so far, which is really saying something. Western style beds (a nice change from floor futons when your legs are sore, haha). Small dining room where everyone sits at the same table, so it encourages henro to chat with each other. ¥6700, including meals.

    Also stayed at Sudachi-Kan after T12 a while back. Can also confirm that they offer simple lodging but are extremely helpful and friendly. Meals are family-like with everyone sitting around the same table. The son(?) speaks good English and helped me and another foreign henro make reservations for the next night. ¥3500 for the night's stay with meals. ¥4000 if you go to the onsen as well (they will drive you; unfortunately, I couldn't go because of woman problems but the other henro said it was really great after making the hike to T12).

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