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    Luggage Storage while on the Henro

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    Luggage Storage while on the Henro Empty Luggage Storage while on the Henro

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:29 pm

    Originally posted by several members in February 2018.


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    I am planning to walk the henro as part of a 3 month stay in japan.

    I will have a second bag for the rest of the trip that I don't need while doing the Henro. I am looking for solutions for leaving that bag somewhere while I am on the road. Given that I would need this stored for about 40-50 days, this rules out most short term options : JR Rail...

    I have seen a couple of options but so far I have no sure plan. As I am starting in 3 weeks, well I'll welcome any suggestion. cheesy

    My initial plan was to leave the bag at oshikoku guesthouse, but I have been trying to contact them for the past 10 days for a booking and so far I got no answer back.

    The options I've seen:

    - oshikoku guesthouse (https://www.0459gh.com/english/) seems to offer the luggage holding while on the road.

    - for cycling pilgrims, https://www.facebook.com/cycleshikoku/ does that as well, but I don't think they'd store luggage for walking henro though and it seems they offer it to walking henro as well (http://www.shikokuhenrotrail.com/shikoku/planningPacking.html)

    Does anybody know of another guesthouse/hotel/... which keeps unnecessary luggage for the duration of the Henro for free or a small fee?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Long term storage of luggage has always been a problem for walking henro. I know of no minshuku that offer that service.

    Cycle Shikoku seems like the best option, but being a new service none of us know what to expect. The owner is well known and seems to be well respected by friends I have on the island. I'd probably try it if I were in your shoes. If you go that route, please let us know how it went when you finish your walk.


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