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    Originally posted by several members in July 2017.


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    I am currently training my feet/legs for the pilgrimage and was wondering what kind of stretches you found effective after a long day of walking.


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    On the trail, I did daily foot and ankle massages with mentholatum, which is readily available in Shikoku. I had a tiny tin of it, so it wasn't heavy.

    As for stretches? I did Sun salutations. These stretched out not just the legs, but the back and shoulders, too.



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    Get great, inflexible, lower leg supporting strolling or climbing boots and break them in ahead of schedule. If you want to go on pilgrimage you should get ready for the blisters. Blisters are a piece of journey, and putting your feet into new un-stretched shoes will not be helpful. A few people set up the soles of their feet with surgical soul to help toughen them moreover.

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