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    Need advice: after T21

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    Need advice: after T21 Empty Need advice: after T21

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:56 am

    Originally posted by several members in March 2014.


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    Hey all! I am finally back on the trail after taking a break in Kyoto to rest my knee. My knee is still not 100%so my aim is to take things nice and slow and take public transportation in places that are convenient. Tomorrow, I will tackle temples 20 and 21 then am thinking of staying the Michinoyado Sowaka near the base of the rope way.

    On my way to T22, would it be better to walk around the mountain or take the rope way back up to 21 and walk the main route? Can anyone provide any input?



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    Hi, I also stayed at the Minshuku at the base of the ropeway. I really enjoyed it and even visited the park in the nearby town with slides on the side of the mountain.

    I did not climb the mountain to 21, I got a ride from the base of 20's mountain to the ropeway/minshuku where I spent the night. I took the ropeway to 21 in the morning and then continued on the walking trail to 22. I believe I walked from 22 to Aratano station and took a train to Hiwasa station and camped at Hiwasa Michi no eki with a bunch of other henro. There's a free foot bath there and everybody was really nice. It was a little windy and cold this same time one year ago, but it was fine with my sleeping bag and bivy. It's right across the street from 23. I went up to 23 at sunrise, before the temple even opened, and what I saw was spectacular.



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    Just thought I'd put an update here for anyone else wondering.

    I took the rope way down from T21. The rope way staff told be about the bus that would take me close to T22. Basically, hop on a bus at Wajiki Higashi bus stop (the one closest to the rope way and marked on the guide book) and get off at Yamaguchi-Naka (in front of an elementary school). Then take the road south, about 3km to T22. Unfortunately, the map in the guidebook does not extend that far and it's not the main henro route so I doubt it's marked for henro. The rope way staff can give you a map though.

    Alternatively, you can still take the same bus and get off at the Asebi bus stop, which is on the main henro route (and also marked in the guide book). This was the option I took because I met another henro and wanted a walking companion for a bit Smile

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