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    Need advice: only on 2nd day and knee pain

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    Need advice: only on 2nd day and knee pain Empty Need advice: only on 2nd day and knee pain

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:20 am

    Originally posted by several members in March 2017.


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    Hi everyone!

    I heard lots of stories about blisters and sore feet but truthfully,my feet are ok. It's my knees that are killing me! I'm hobbling around like an old person. Truthfully my left knee was sore before I even got to Japan and I'm afraid walking on it has not helped. My right knee is also sore now, probably because it was trying to compensate for the left knee.

    I made it to temple 11 today but knowing the climb to temple 12 is notoriously difficult, I've opted to stay in Yoshinogawa for 2 nights instead of one to rest my knees. Thoughts? Should I stop or try to keep going, maybe using public transportation? I'm not really an experienced backpacker or hiker so I'm unsure what to do. I'm just bummed that I have such aignificant problems so early in the pilgrimage.



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    11 to 12 is quite possibly the worst walk of the pilgrimage. If you're hurting, taking a break is a great idea right now. It was after 12 that I decided to accept rides and take public transportation and ropeways when convenient. I didn't regret that decision. It gave me more time to enjoy talking to people and spending time in the towns. I still waked hundreds of miles and climbed many mountains by the end of the pilgrimage. Several other pilgrims I met also altered their plans after 12.

    I'd say don't give up. If you can make it to 12, you can do any other part of the pilgrimage. It's hard at the time but so worth it in the end. Get some rest for now. There's a great onsen in Yoshinogawa called Kamo no Yu where pilgrims congregate. I believe they'll even give you a discount.

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    Thank you for the advice and encouragement! I'm back in Tokushima City and booked 2 more nights there to rest up some more. I bought some ibuprofen and knee wraps/braces, which both help, and today, my knees feel much better. I have one more night in Tokushima and then will take an early bus to Shosan-ji in the morning. As much as I'd like to attempt the hike up, my knees are still not 100% and I still have much of the pilgrimage still to go yet! Is the hike down the mountain from 12 difficult? I want to try to at least hike part of the trail around the mountain if possible. I've also used this rest time to purge unnecessary items from my backpack to lighten the load, as that was likely the cause of my knee pains (I'm used to walking a lot, though not with a backpack on).

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