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    from 82 to Takamatsu?

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    from 82 to Takamatsu? Empty from 82 to Takamatsu?

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:18 am

    Originally posted by several members in February 2017.


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    This will be my 2nd short trip to the pilgrimage. I'm doing it in pieces, mostly on foot. Hopefully I can finish all 88 in the next 30 years...
    So in April, we'll be staying in Takamatsu just at the foot of mount Yashima (84). The plan is to, I hope, pick-up the path around Kokubunji (80) and hike up to 81 and 82. Then it's pretty far to make it all the way to 83 so I was hoping to just drop down towards the coast and head to our accommodation via public transport, then pick up 83,84 and 85 on the next day.
    Is there a path heading roughly north from 82 back to public transport? Is it just easier to just follow the path to 83 and break off when you get to the urban area?



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    If you're at all interested in the 20 Bekkaku temples, one thing you could do from 82 is take the trail to the east towards Kozai-ji (about a 3km walk). If I remember correctly, the path is relatively well marked, and becomes pretty self-explanatory after you end up on residential roads near the temple.

    The temple is about 2km from Kozai station on the Yosan line, or you could continue east on foot all the way to Takamatsu station.

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