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    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:03 am

    Originally posted by several members in 2014 and 2015.


    « Thread started on: Mar 21st, 2014, 02:53am »
    Hello - I've been living in Japan for the last 10 years, and have always been interested in doing the henro, but life always managed to get in the way.

    But life has given me a chance - I'm wrapping up my life here, and will be making the pilgrimage my last big Japanese experience. I'm looking to camp out for the duration if possible.

    I'll be setting out in a little over 2 weeks, so I wanted to get advice from people on the forums about any good tips for roughing it, especially for ideal backpacks/tents/sleeping bags to buy.

    But of course any and all advice is much appreciated.



    « Reply #1 on: Mar 22nd, 2014, 03:40am »
    I'm not sure on others, but i'm taking a 1.1kg sleeping bag (millet camp de base), 350g mattress (Neoair Xlite) and 40L backpack (vaude). That should do it!

    Lightweight is the way to go smiley
    Wouldn't know about a tent, but brining a lightweight solo tent could work really well.



    « Reply #2 on: Mar 24th, 2014, 05:09am »
    Thanks for the advice!

    Lots of good resources here for places to stay, too!



    « Reply #3 on: Apr 23rd, 2014, 9:43pm »
    I hope you are enjoying your trip!



    « Reply #4 on: Aug 30th, 2014, 05:42am »
    get the list for free places to stay. there are many. You can sleep in many huts. Go ultralight by weighing everything. You should be under 6Kgs total excluding food or water. Pack can be under 600 gms, neoair pad, sleeping bag under 600 gms (montbell), no tent - get a bivy or a zpacks cuben fibre tent. Raingear should be super light. Montbell rain pants, zpacks jacket, pack cover silnylon. Gortex is heavy. Trail Runners. Weight is what can make your journey much more difficult and defocus you from the joy of being. If you have already gone it would be good to hear how you did as I will go again in March 2105.



    « Reply #5 on: May 19th, 2015, 12:48am »
    Hello !

    We are a pair (54 and 60 years)of Czech Republic and we are walking around first 20 temples the first week of July. We know that it is not a good time but I cannot get a holiday in different time.
    I went to some pilgrimage in Europe but Japan seems completely different. Can you give advice?

    1)Raincoat - we can buy here very expensive long ponchos (which we might not use here later),but we are afraid that we will sweat too much and that it will be really unbearable. Is not it better to wait somewhere hidden (if the rain is not too long)?Because the hot weather, to be wet for a while might be better than to sweat so much? And what about an umbrela? In fact I cannot imagine both situations.

    2)I have always walked in my sport sandals(we never crossed high mountains) and I was always satisfied. We want to use them in Japan too. Especially because hot and wet weather we think it will work (water comes,water leaves easily). I cannot imagine to have water prove shoes in July . What do you think about it?

    Thanks a lot for this perfect forum where I have found a lot!
    Good luck!



    « Reply #6 on: May 19th, 2015, 07:41am »

    I just walked in April and it was pretty hot, I walked around in a t-shirt, pants, and the henro jacket.

    1. Rain jacket: I wore a rain jacket and it really did come in handy. Since you will be in Japan in July, towards the end of Japan's rainy season, you are likely to get rained on. An umbrella wouldn't hurt unless you are also walking with a walking stick, then it might be a bit cumbersome.

    2. Sandals: If you are comfortable in sandals then use them when you are on roads. BUT, many on the henro trails are off road and your feet will get muddy. My walking shoes were had a good deal of mud on them and it only rained a couple of days.


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    I just finished 3 weeks ago and stayed at minshuku so I cannot help you for tent. For rain coats DO NOT buy gortex product it is expensive and you get wet. A good poncho which will protect your pack and will also give you enough air under. If you climb Shozanji (12) under the rain you will be wet inside because of the sweat and outside because of the rain. If you have a poncho that the best protection for your pack and the air is flowing under drying your sweat. For your pant buy a very simple cheap plastic pant and you will be set.

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