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    Is this nuts?

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    Is this nuts? Empty Is this nuts?

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:17 am

    Originally posted by several members in October 2013.

    John Formosa

    « Thread started on: Oct 25th, 2013, 05:38am »
    I am walking the trail in bits and parts, whenever I can get to Shikoku, during trips of one or two weeks at a time.

    I mean to walk every part of the route, but in Feb 2011 I ran into several days I over remarkably heavy snow -- the heaviest on Tokushima for 30 years I was told. So when I got to Fujidera (T 11), I chickened out. I wasn't dressed for snow and I didn't want to break my neck. Some expert henro (sendatsu / 先達 ) traveling by car offered me a ride to Shosanji. I gratefully accepted but I have yet to walk one of the toughest legs of the pilgrimage, the 13km from T11 to T12.

    Next month I will walk for 5 or 6 days (depending on transport to and from Shikoku) and will finish somewhere around Zentsuji (T75), so next winter or spring (Feb or April, 2014), I will be able to complete the entire circuit before returning to Ryozenji (T1). Hurray! After that I will visit Koya-san to give thanks and ask for blessings.

    So, when will I walk to Shosanji? Or, really, how do I fit it back into my walking schedule?

    One idea is to follow the return route which goes past T10, but instead of returning directly to Ryozenji, first return to Fujidera. So far so good. But then how to I get back to the return route?

    I could take a bus back to Tokushima, then a train back up the Awa valley, but there doesn't seem to be any obvious public tranport from the train line, which heads off north from T3 (Konsenji) while the trail heads roughly west up the valley.

    It seems like a big waste of travel time, and it would probably take me an entire day, and I would be taking the train past Bando before walking back that way on my very last day. That feels all wrong.

    So: here is my big idea. Why not rest one night up at Shosanji and then walk back to T10? I would be hard but beautiful. I could then finish in a day or two after two days in the mountains.

    Am I nuts?


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    Shikoku Henro Trail

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    Two possible responses.
    1) Of course you're nuts. Who else spends their money on a regular basis to go to a small Japanese island to walk and visit old temples when you can do that at home. Smile

    2) Of course you're not nuts. I'm still thinking about your question and will give you my opinion in a couple of days. Just letting you know here/now that i'm not ignoring it.


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