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    Originally posted by several members in February 2013.


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    I'm a 62 year old Belgian male and,after many months of preparing, allmost ready now for starting my henro on March 6. I'm getting nervous now about the idea and I hope that Kobo Daishi is powerfull enough to help me with this.
    My top 3 of anxiety:
    1.the physical condition: in spite of many long walks
    during the last months,I'm not prepared for the
    mountains because I'm living in a flat country.
    2.my knowledge of the Japanese language is restricted
    to a few words and phrases
    3.the difficulty of sitting and eating on low tables is a
    bad memory from an earlier japanese journey

    I would like to thank David for this extremely helpfull website and the many other henros for their usefull remarks and messages.They helped me making the decision to try it.

    Guy Arien


    Shikoku Henro Trail

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    The advice for you is easy.

    Regarding #1, just.walk.slowly. Don't worry about schedules. Take as much time as you need. Once past Temple 23 things level off and you begin to get stronger again. You'll do fine if you don't force yourself in the first two weeks.

    #2. I've known henro who have walked the trail and told me that they spoke zero Japanese as they started. They all made it, had a great experience, and learned a little Japanese along the way. Take a dictionary.

    #3. There is no way around this unless you stay in western style hotels and business hotels. All lodging at minshuku and ryokan will be on floor level. Ask for 2-3, or 4-5, cushions and sit on those. That should get you 4-5 cm off the floor, at least, and may help alleviate some of the pain. How to ask, you say? Find one cushion. Sit on it. Pull it back out from under you. Point to it and hold up 4 fingers, all the while having a pleading look on your face. Body language goes a long way on Shikoku.

    The best advice i have for anyone, though, is don't worry. Don't fret. Don't have any anxiety. Just take each day and each situation as it comes up. You'll get around fine. Somehow it always seems to work out.

    Have fun.


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    I walked July 2012 Temple 1 to Temple 27, October 2012 Temple 28 to Temple 70 and will restart the final stage on 5th April 2013 from Temple 71 to the finish line?
    What David has said I will back up 100% Just walk as it comes and enjoy other sites like the Castles on your way.
    I have no Japanese and always found help when needed with directions and booking accommodation, the people of Shikoku and other walkers are GREAT.

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