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    Technical gear to bike in spring

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    Technical gear to bike in spring Empty Technical gear to bike in spring

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:37 am

    Originally posted by several members in April and May 2017.


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    We are going to start soon (less than 2 weeks) our ride along the Henro Shikoku. We are looking forward to it!

    Today we packed our bags: the technical gear weights 4 kg each, and it counts:
    - 3 short sleeves shirts
    - 3 long sleeves shirts
    - 2 bike throusers (1 long, 1 short)
    - 1 raincoat
    - 1 thermal undershirt
    - helmet and bike shoes

    On top of this we will take with us some "normal" shirt and throusers (we don't want to wear fluo shirts while dining out wink ), soothing creams, a first emergency kit and cameras.

    Anything else we should carry along?
    Based on

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    I did not bicycle the pilgrimage, I walked it. But I have done a lot of bicycle touring.

    It's probably too late, but I would consider taking fewer long-sleeved shirts - maybe just one, and one sweater, instead.

    I'd also wear gloves - always nice when you're holding handlebars for most of the day, and especially nice if you take a tumble.

    Consider taking a bandana, to dry your hands, wipe your nose, mop your sweat, carry a few tangerines, or tie your hair back.



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    Just returned from the pilgrimage, we ended up realizing we could have been more clever in the gear we took along.
    This is my suggestion, for pilgrims biking in April-May and lodging in minshuku.

    - 1 long sleeves shirt
    - 1 short sleeves shirt (better if you can remove the sleeves based on need, early in the morning can be a bit chilly to ride sleeveless)
    - 1 thermal undershirt
    - 1 padded short bike shorts
    - 1 padded long bike shorts
    - gloves
    - bandana (having your head tanned with the stripes of the helmet
    - rainproof gear (shoe cover, throusers, jacket and cap). Since our rain jacket were failing, we used raingear bought ad Lawson, 1100 Yen, much better than we would expect. We left them as osettai in a rest hut.

    1 pair of hiking throusers, 1 cotton shirt, 1 spare underwear and a towel are enough for all the rest.

    Personally I ended up using always the same shirt, which was windthight. Expecially while riding on the coast, constantly blowing wind drains a lot of energy.

    Normally in Minshuku you can wash and dry your gear, so having it clean is not really an issue.

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