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    Temple 51

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    Temple 51      Empty Temple 51

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:08 am

    When discussing the history of this pilgrimage, the most popular story is about a man named Emon Saburo. I won't recount the story here because you can read all about it in the History section of the web site.

    However, according to the story, as Emon Saburo was dying, the Daishi placed a small rock in his hand that had the words "Emon Saburo Reborn" written on it.

    Later on, a boy was born here near Temple 51 and from the time of his birth one of his hands was clinched shut -- no one was able to open it. In despair, the parents brought him to this temple and the priest successfully opened his hand. In that hand they found the stone that the Daishi had placed in Emon Saburo's hand as he died.

    That stone is on display in a small museum at Temple 51, Ishiteji. If you stand at the counter where you get your nokyocho (stamp book) signed, facing the counter, the museum is to your left, through a hedge. It is hidden from view, but head in that direction and you'll find it. Or ask at the Nokyosho.

    The last few times i have been to Ishiteji, the museum doors are open to the public. No charge. But, the lights aren't turned on either. It seems to be completely ababdoned now. But, go over and look for the stone.


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