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    Okyo and Temple 19

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    Okyo and Temple 19 Empty Okyo and Temple 19

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:04 am

    Completely forgot about Okyō until now. I'll be she's feeling left out....

    As you'll see on the Temple Information page of the web site, Okyō came to Shikoku with her new lover in order to escape the police after having killed her past lover. Nice woman.

    Dressed as henro, they started walking the henro trail. When she got to Tatsueji, Temple 19, the gods got their revenge. As she started ringing the temple bell the rope wound itself around her long hair and ripped that, as well as part of her scalp, off her head.

    Without hair, what else is there to do but become a nun and commit her life to Buddhism. Obviously.

    Her hair is in a glass enclosed case for all to see in the temple compound. It's to the far right of the compound. A half-kilometer, or so, before getting to Tatsueji, just after coming down a long hill on the highway and following the road as it makes a 90 degree turn to the right, you'll see an old, and poorly maintained building on the right side of the road. I think that is the chapel she lived in while there. It doesn't look anything like a temple. My first time around i thought it might be a local Water Company building.

    The grounds aren't maintained and you can't go inside but you can walk around and peak through glass in the front door. I think there was a sign, but don't remember for sure. It's only about 3 meters (10 feet) x 3 meters in size if i remember that correctly.

    I'll look for the kanji for her name and put that on the Temple Information page so you can carry that and compare it to the sign. Or, just ask someone in the neighborhood to point it out. That's how i eventually found it.

    From there walk the last bit to the temple itself.


    Edit 4/14/2018: The building/chapel i talked about when i posted the above many years ago has now been torn down and replaced with a henro rest hut. No need for history, right...

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