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    Uwajima Sex Museum

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    Uwajima Sex Museum Empty Uwajima Sex Museum

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:52 am

    Originally posted by several members in March 2012.

    Shikoku Henro Trail

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    Let me start this one by saying that the museum isn't really worth going very far out of your way to see. It's nothing more than three floors of pictures, books, statues, implements, devices, and anything else that has ever been made, printed, thought about, or imagined when someone's mind drifted to the subject of sex.

    However, having said that, if you are in Uwajima to see Ryukoin, Bangai 6, and you enjoy seeing the quirkier side of Japan, find a bus or hop in a cab and head over to the museum.


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    John Formosa

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    Drats! I was just in Uwajima and missed this essential stop on the pilgrimage trail! grin

    Seriously, I would have taken a look if I had been nearby and had time.

    I would recommend Uwajima Castle first though. I didn't climb up to see it -- it's in the center of the city and high up on a hill of course -- but I would have if it had not been for the cold rain I was happy to avoid.

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    Shikoku Henro Trail

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    I agree, i'd recommend the castle over the museum, but i don't even recommend going out of your way to see the castle. Not that spectacular, IMO. I went because i had an afternoon to kill so why not...

    Kochi Castle, in Kochi City, on the other hand, is small but well worth the visit, i think.


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