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    Cave at Bangai 3

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    Cave at Bangai 3 Empty Cave at Bangai 3

    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:49 am

    For those that also visit the Bangai temples as well, and you should, they are worth the extra work (IMO), there is an interesting cave above Bangai 3.

    According to legend, the Daishi meditated and did other practices in this cave. You are only allowed in with a tour.

    The cave is VERY, VERY tight and not everyone is allowed to go in; it depends on your size. There are places where you squeeze through sideways with your chest touching one wall and your back the other. There are places you have to lay on your side and pull yourself along like a caterpillar.

    There are no lights, you do all of this while carrying a candle. If yours goes out, the person in front of or behind you relights it with their candle. Also because of the tightness, you bring nothing with you, including cameras.

    Once in the heart of the cave it opens to a large(ish) chamber where the Daishi is supposed to have meditated.

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