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    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:44 am

    Originally posted by several members between 2010 and 2012.


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    Yesterday, I talked with a goodwife of Minshuku at Uchiko Town. According to her, the number of foreigner Henro has been on the decline. She said yen's appreciation is a factor behind this. And, The management in the local Minshuku is very hard. Because they only depend on the income from the pilgrim.


    John Formosa

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    That could be true in a limited way but I don't think there were ever large numbers of foreigners on the pilgrimage, were there? I didn't see any last year. Of course, I didn't see many Japanese pilgrims either since I was walking in the winter... Smile



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    When I was there in April-May I too heard that the overall number of henro was down. Economic factors in Japan due to the earthquake may be a factor. I only directly saw 3 non-Japanese henro on the trip, but heard of 3 others. The best way to know roughly how many non-Japanese henro are on the route is to look closely at the sign-in book at Temple 1. I flipped back through the pages and noted about one non-Japanese henro left roughly every 3 days. However, this was in late April. At Temple 55, in the stamp office, I seem to recall they were keeping track as well. When walking, you will meet henro walking in the opposite direction. They don't see everyone as routes vary, but asking them might be worthwhile if you think there is someone perhaps a day ahead of you.

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    The total number of pilgrims doing the trail each year has been quoted from 10, 000 - 100, 000 through all sources I've looked at. The difficulty is accurate recording comes from the discrepency in drivers, bus tours, walkers, partial trip takers, and no general recording to speak of.

    Foreign numbers would be a minescule fraction of this, likely around 500/year from my estimates and research.

    I plan to contact some temples to get a figure of what they estimate is a fair year average. No doubt that minshuku are having it hard, however. Even the hotels I stayed at while guiding a couple were sparsely populated, despite great weather. The whole island is lacking in people despite some amazing tourist potential.

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