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    Post by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:25 am

    Originally posted by several members in June 2017.


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    I needed to go easy on my skeleton for the steeper parts of the henro, and found it very easy to hitch rides from the parking lot of one temple to the parking lot of the next temple down the line.

    There are lots of car henro, and if they have room they are generous about taking you along. I also hitchhiked on highways sometimes and had a great time meeting wonderful non-henro local people that way.

    I had wonderful hitchhiking experiences, and felt perfectly safe. I am a 58 year old woman, and I was traveling alone.



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    I ended up having to hitchike back to civilization in the end as right ankle decided it had had enough. 1st car stopped but had no room. Next 3 didn't even stop. 5th one stopped and gave me the badly needed lift. As I was in area without bus stops, taxi numbers not answering and 19km ahead, 8km behind it came really handy.

    Probably helped that I was clearly identifiable as a pilgrim. Not sure how easy it would be to get a lift on regular clothing.

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